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                                                            GAPP (Globalized Accounting Professional Program) - CPA Canada and ZUFE



                                                            GAPP (Globalized Accounting Professional Program)      

                                                            GAPP Overview      

                                                            The Globalized Accounting Professional Program (GAPP) is a globally recognized professional accounting program delivered by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) and one of its key Chinese partners, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE). The GAPP is a full-time English program offered in China, lasting one academic year, totaling three semesters. By combining CPA Canada’s high quality education program with Chinese language and culture courses, GAPP will help students build a solid accounting foundation and widen their career prospects, while at the same time providing a valuable studying and living experience in China. ZUFE, located in the city of Hangzhou, will be the first Chinese university to provide GAPP in September, 2019.      

                                                            CPA Canada - ZUFE partnership      

                                                            Since 2001, ZUFE has a history of experience in educating students in Canadian professional accounting. ZUFE’s instructors have had taught and prepared examinations for a comprehensive set of Canadian professional accounting courses, which the school is well equipped to continue teaching in English. To date, 13 cohorts of the CPA Canada program have matriculated. Due to the solid accounting professional foundation and high standards of industry ethics, CPA Canada students in employment, postgraduate and overseas education have enjoyed a variety of success.      

                                                            Get to Know ZUFE      

                                                            ZUFE, founded in 1974, is a prestigious institution of higher education with economy-related disciplines and is a highly recognized university in Zhejiang province. CPA Canada accounting major commenced in 2001 at ZUFE’s School of Accounting.Many CPA Canada graduates have gone onto find success with the four major accounting firms, the People's Bank of China, the Chinese Financial Science Research Institute, the University of Toronto, and Columbia University, among others.      

                                                            Since the start of the ZUFE-Laurentian University’s Canadian dual degree program in 2012, the School of Accounting has been inviting Canadian instructors to jointly teach major courses alongside Chinese instructors, and some courses will allow the GAPP students to attend classes together with the dual degree students to promote interaction and exchange between students and instructors.      

                                                            Get to Know Hangzhou      

                                                            Hangzhou is well known for its geographical and scenic beauty, along with being a technology hub. At present, more than one-third of the China's e-commerce companies (over 5000) are based in Hangzhou, pioneered by the industry's world leader, Alibaba. There are also over 100 Fortune Global 500 companies located in Hangzhou. Hangzhou has enjoyed a history of over 2,200 years since the county administration was established in Qin Dynasty. The Italian traveler Macro Polo admired Hangzhou as “the Most Splendid and Luxurious City in the World.” With the hosting of the 2016 G20 summit, and the annual World Internet Conference held in the neighboring city of historic Wuzhen, Hangzhou is a particularly attractive location for overseas students interested in accounting and business. Following the successful G20 summit, Hangzhou has boosted its credibility on the international stage. In addition, the 2018 FINA World Swimming Championships and 2022 Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou.      


                                                            The GAPP Student Advantage      

                                                            Upon successful completion of the GAPP courses, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE), School of Accounting, will issue a Certificate for completion of the "Globalized Accounting Professional Program (GAPP), and CPA Canada International will issue a letter of completion for each CPA Preparatory Course. Students will master their foundational accounting knowledge, improve their level of Chinese language, and be able to experience society and culture, cultivating a deeper understanding of China’s socioeconomic landscape.      

                                                            In addition to saving time and money, this program allows students to broaden their horizons and complete a program in global accounting. This program will help increase students’ future career prospects upon return to their home country, and even in the global scope of job options. Ultimately this program serves to enhance the students’ competitive advantage.      

                                                            With GAPP certificates, the graduates have numerous options to plan their future.      

                                                            Stay in China      

                                                            Learning through experience      

                                                            In 2017, Hangzhou earned a GDP growth rate of 8%, new urban employment was nearly 300,000, providing a large number of internship employment opportunities for GAPP students. The students interested in pursuing the CPA Canada designation can continue with the CPA Canada online program (Preparatory Courses and PEP) in China. CPA Canada has signed mutual recognition agreements with international professional accountants all over the world, thus CPA Canada members are eligible to transfer membership to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), CA Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), CA Ireland (CAI), South Africa Institute of Certified Public Accountants (SAICPA), CA Pakistan, and many other professional accountants in the world, none of which offer exams in China.      

                                                            Continue Your Graduate Study at a Chinese University      

                                                            Students may continue to study the CPA Canada Professional Education Program (PEP) in China with some internship experience and/or the UQAM MBA in Accounting program. In 2019, the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM, as mentioned earlier) will offer the part-time MBA program in China. The GAPP graduates will be eligible for admission to the MBA program. Some others may also consider to complete graduate studies in China. Students could apply for one-year work permit in China, if they hold a China’s master’s degree.      

                                                            Upon Return to Your Home Country      

                                                            Students returning to Canada wishing to obtain CPA Canada membership can continue to PEP, in addition to pursuing the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). Students returning to the United States can continue to complete the United States CPA Examination, in addition to considering the CPA Canada designation and ACAF.      

                                                            Students returning to a country outside North America can continue their CPA studies online, and pursue CPA Canada certificate programs such as ACAF to help further accounting education and career goals.      


                                                            Admission Requirements      

                                                            Application Deadline        

                                                            Applications are now being accepted for the September 2019 start date.      

                                                            The application deadline for the September 2019 start date is March 31, 2019.      

                                                            Who Can Apply?       

                                                            Students from North America or other English-speaking countries who have already completed post-secondary education or higher, desiring to be professional accountants and looking for more opportunities for career development, but lacking an applicable background and prerequisites. *      

                                                            Your completed admission package should Include:      

                                                            1. Completed ZUFE Application Form.      

                                                            2. High school diploma or other certificates.      

                                                            3. Official undergraduate or college transcript.      

                                                            4. Personal Statement.      

                                                            5. Bank verification letter (for visa application purposes).      

                                                            6. Passport and 4 color photos in the size of 48mm*33mm.      

                                                            7. Application fee.      

                                                            *Admission requirements subject to change, or assessed on a case-by-case basis.      

                                                            Program Structure      

                                                            GAPP will adapt the CPA Canada curriculum, using CPA Canada courses to provide teaching material, taught by instructors from ZUFE or invited instructors. Students who wish to obtain the GAPP Certificate must complete all required courses, i.e. CPA Canada’s Preparatory courses plus Chinese language, with 6 being the maximum number of courses that can be taken in each semester. Note that some of the courses are full courses to be completed in one semester, and some of the courses are half courses that can be completed in half of the semester. All courses (except for Chinese language courses) will be taught in English.      

                                                            Semester 1 (July to September)      

                                                            IFA - 初級財務會計 Introductory Financial Accounting (CPA Canada non-core course)      

                                                            IMA - 初級管理會計 Introductory Management Accounting (CPA Canada non-core course)      

                                                            Chinese I - 中文語言文化I      

                                                            Semester 2 (September to January)      

                                                            IF1 - 中級財務會計(上) Intermediate Financial Reporting 1 CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            IF2 - 中級財務會計(下) Intermediate Financial Reporting 2(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            MAA - 中級管理會計 Intermediate Management Accounting(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            AUA - 審計與鑑證 Audit and Assurance(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            Chinese II - 中文語言文化II      

                                                            Semester 3 (March to June)      

                                                            AFR - 高級財務會計 Advanced Financial Reporting(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            COF - 財務管理 Corporate Finance(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            PM - 績效管理 Performance Management(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            TAX - 加拿大稅法 Taxation(CPA Canada core course)      

                                                            Chinese III -中文語言文化III      



                                                            Application Fee (non-refundable)      

                                                            RMB 300      

                                                            GAPP Tuition Fees(excluding course materials)      

                                                            RMB 28,800, for 3 semesters      

                                                            Textbooks and other course materials provided by CPA Canada      

                                                            RMB 1,200 per course      


                                                            Approximately RMB 1,200 per person per month for shared accommodation (2 per unit)      

                                                            Approximately RMB 2500 per month for single occupancy      

                                                            Note: 1 RMB≈0.2 CAD (by July, 2018), and fees are subject to change.      


                                                            Ready to Study With Us?      

                                                            For more information about GAPP, or to request an application form, please contact:        

                                                            GAPP inquiries: gapp@cpacanada.net.cn      

                                                            Mr. Zhang Wenke: zhwk@live.com      

                                                            For more information about CPA Canada, please visit:        

                                                            Get to Know CPA Canada: www.cpacanada.ca      

                                                            Student login: http://intlsts.zufe.edu.cn/      

                                                            Download the GAPP Application Form

                                                            Download the GAPP Brochure       


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